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Media Placement

From the writing and editing of news releases that are then faxed and emailed to the world's leading wire services, to the coordination of 
meetings with local reporters and editors, Jewish PR gets the job done.  News dissemination on Google News, PRWEB, PRNewswire and social media
reinforces offline media placement efforts and sometimes replaces print and broadcast media them with Websites, blogs and Facebook, Tweeter 
status updates.

Integrated Marketing

Jewish PR works with all media - print, broadcast and digital. We use a potent combination - a media mix - between these 
different media channels to provide an abundance of positive visibility for our clients.

Crisis Communications

Preparing for the unexpected and being there to control the media as events manifest themselves.

Reputation Management

Jewish PR makes sure that when one Googles your name, your organization's name - only good things happen!
Jewish PR created the below YouTube video of the Israeli flag waving over Jerusalem. It replaced a neo-Nazi video with over 400,000 hits.
When Iran launched its Holocaust Cartoon Contest - Jewish PR was there again - making sure that the world was only exposed to the hard facts 
of the Holocaust and not lies and propaganda coming out of Tehran.

Public Affairs

Jewish PR has been responsible for providing professional consultation and training for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and the Israel Defense Forces. From cross-cultural communications, dress and body language to the creation of soundbytes, writing and editing speeches and coordinating media events - Jewish PR is there!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Have you ever wondered how some companies consistently appear at the top of Google and Yahoo search engine rankings without paying for ads? 
This is performed by including essential keywords and phrases that make it easy for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN to match interested surfers to your product or service.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Joel Leyden provides both SEM and SEO. A potent means of getting noticed online is to get your Website included in search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves encouraging other Websites, blogs submissions and forums to link back to your site.


Creative Blogging / News Content

Creating and maintaining a blog about what you are doing is another way to generate online presence and back links while you submit all your latest news and articles, product launches and videos. 



Optimized Media Placement

By using a precise combination of editorial and SEO techniques, news and feature content and a targeted online digital PR campaign, we will dramatically increase your chances of top position ranking on major search engines.


Online Advertising

There are several ways to advertise on the net such as Pay Per Click, banners, landing pages and mini-sites, social media networking, social media marketing or email campaigns. Joel Leyden SEO delivers your message to a potential audience of millions in a cost-effective, time sensitive manner.


Social Media Advertising

Submitting on social media and Web 2.0 sites such as FacebookMySpaceDigg, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr can generate a massive audience  when it comes to converting browsers into consumers, Joel Leyden SEO PR will get your business known on either a local or global basis.


Social Media – Social Networking Marketing

Using sites that rely on User Generated Content (UGC) such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.


Social Media Marketing and Social Networking Workshops  Joel Leyden manages and arranges workshops to teach you how best to utilise these services, either on a one to one basis, or as a group.


Business-To-Business – Joel Leyden will work closely with you to achieve a measured online marketing campaign that meets time sensitive deadlines and other business criteria.


Business To Consumer – Jewish PR will analyze the market place to identify your target market to ensure your message reaches as many consumers as possible.


Lastly, if you perform a Google search for Joel Leyden, you will find a wealth of deep, rich, creative and successful experience embracing three decades.

Don’t get burnt! Check out those who say they perform PR, Public Affairs, Social Media and SEO.
Get the facts.

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